Complement Traditional Marketing Using Social Media

We’re called Mailing Expert, but we know about other things too — anything to do with your company getting its message out to a target audience, most of all to potential customers.

Enhancing not replacing

Social media and online marketing is all shiny and exciting, perceived as today’s way to reach out to customers. After all, half the population is glued to computers, tablets or smartphones – that’s right, isn’t it? If you’re not taking advantage of the power of the internet, if you haven’t an online presence, then that could be a grave error, damaging to your business bottom line.
However, it must be part of an integrated strategy. It could be just as detrimental to neglect offline marketing and throw all your time and money into all-singing-all-dancing online material.

One size does NOT fit all

Think about your market — a statement that’s almost too obvious to mention. If you’re selling alcopops then it’s pretty certain your customers will be social media savvy 20-somethings so it’s worth investing time and money in an online campaign to engage interest – emails included.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re offering chiropody services or advertising stair-lifts? While online promotion is not to be ignored, it may be a secondary channel and resources should be allocated accordingly. Letters and leaflets through the post probably work best for older customer segments at the moment, though that may change.

Word of Mouse

So – you’ve decided to go for it online. Many people fall into the trap of an ad-hoc approach which starts with a bang and fizzles out after a few weeks. Your strategy requires as much planning and consistency as any other marketing initiative.

Your website is the place for detailed information about your company, products and services, and maybe an online shop. Facebook and Twitter are NOT great selling platforms. They ARE a way of communicating with your clients and customers in an informal and interactive way, developing relationships which will lead to brand loyalty if you do it right – and pointing people in the direction of places where they can buy your products or services.

Words to the wise

Here are a few tips to get you thinking about social media:
• Be entertaining but don’t go off-message completely – highlight USPs, strengthen your brand, talk about issues relevant to your business – but NO SALES PITCHES
• If you write a blog, post news or press releases on Facebook – keep doing it at regular intervals. If your last update was in May 2013, what message does that convey about your business?
• Answer questions, gather feedback and respond appropriately to criticisms
• Make use of analytics and monitoring tools

And finally…

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