Mailing Expert is committed to helping businesses prepare for a safe and organised reopening of the workplace. 

We can provide you with a range of products to help your business create an environment that is safe for your employees, customers and stakeholders. Our team is working hard to help you as quickly as possible and our current lead times are between 3-4 working days for most items. 

Reopening safely with Mailing Expert: 

  • Posters and signage highlighting best practices and fully customised with your brand logo and artwork
  • Floor stickers for social distancing 
  • Flyers for customers, employees and third parties entering your business premises 
  • Public or shared bathroom signage, e.g. wash your hands, updated cleaning policies and schedules
  • Covid-19 mask reminder signage

Covid-19 signage and safety stickers in places where your message can be seen

We want to help your business comply with the latest government regulations regarding Covid-19 workplace safety. Our team can work closely with you on both design and print or you can supply your artwork ready for us to print. 

It is now more important than ever to communicate clearly with those entering your business and there is no easier way to do this than with the correct signage, flyers and friendly reminders to keep everyone aware at all times of the changes your business has made. 

For restaurants planning to reopen in July for table-service, it is important to ensure that the layout of your dining room has clear markings directing the flow of customers around the premises. Some restaurants may also benefit from extra signage directing customers to their nearest fire exits, WCs and outdoor areas. Behind the scenes, restaurant kitchens are preparing to adapt to a new way of professional catering, so signage is being used to designate work stations and make the kitchen as safe a working environment that it can be. 

Social distancing signage for businesses

A simple friendly reminder to customers and employees to keep their distance is key to helping your business reopen successfully. From floor stickers displaying a “stand here” message to arrows guiding people around your shop or restaurant; social distancing signage is an essential part of complying easily and effectively with new social guidelines.

Mailing Expert is providing businesses with the tools they need to reopen

From hospitality premises to busy shopping centres, we’re helping businesses adapt quickly and are here to help you with a range of our high quality signage and safety stickers.