Data services

Mailing Expert testimonialData underpins every direct mail marketing campaign and is the foundation block upon which all successful online and offline marketing campaigns are built. If your data is out-of-date or flawed, then at best you will be wasting money promoting your products and services to the wrong audience demographic. At worst, your whole campaign could come off the rails, ultimately doing more harm than good.

A fully managed direct mail data service

Mailing Expert can provide a fully managed direct mail data service, which includes access to good quality data from extremely reputable sources, data screening, email address and phone number appending, de-duplication, and data verification.

Our direct mail data services include:

Data entry and return database management

Mailing Expert also offers data entry and return database management. These data management services will ensure that your data is in tip-top condition and will help maximise your return on investment.  We manage data on behalf of a wide range of customers. The data is stored on secure servers, which are password-protected and encrypted. Data is held for no longer than required after which it is irrevocably deleted (unless there is an ongoing request from the customer to maintain it). It goes without saying that we backup our data on a daily basis to a secure off-site environment.

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