Direct mail – the secret weapon for effective communication

What’s the best way to get your customers genuinely excited about your business? How can you capture the attention of your existing customers, and at the same time engage new ones with compelling communications? The answer is direct mail marketing.

These days we’re inundated with digital marketing communications such as emails, online ads and endless notifications on our mobile phones, tablets and laptops. And frankly, we’re all getting a bit bored. On the other hand, there is nothing quite like receiving a personal, memorable piece of physical mail through the letter box. And that’s why direct mail advertising campaigns can have such a dramatic impact.

Direct mail advertising research

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According to a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association, the response rate to a typical direct mail campaign is 10 to 30 times greater than that of a digital marketing campaign. Not only that, but a direct mail piece is likely to capture the attention of the reader for approximately eight minutes – 12 times longer than a digital ad or email, which typically buys less than 40 seconds of the recipient’s attention. And that’s if the email even gets opened.

Another benefit of direct mail marketing material is that it tends to hang around in the home for a while – usually for two weeks or more. That prolonged exposure to the business can help increase brand awareness, helping to keep the company front of mind. Mail gets passed around, it helps to increase customer retention and it brings in brand new customers too.

There are so many advantages a direct mail marketing campaign has over digital marketing channels, such as social media marketing and PPC advertising. Given the cost-benefit ratio of direct mail marketing, it could be argued that direct mail is a marketing channel that just about every business should be taking advantage of.

The ways in which you can use our direct mail services to market your business are limited only by your imagination. Promote your business with a direct mail postcard or a simple letter. Or perhaps build a direct marketing campaign around a brochure or catalogue. Include your QR code. Promote a special deal, or offer a free gift. Here at Mailing Expert we can help you build a successful direct mail campaign that engages your target audience and achieves amazing response rates to help drive your business, charity or organisation forward.

How to achieve great results from direct mail

Whatever your direct mail advertising goals, our super-professional team at Mailing Expert can help you. With over 35 years’ experience of managing the direct mail process, our lovely people can help you get maximum return on investment from your direct mail marketing campaigns.

We’re experts in all aspects of printing and packaging, as well as sourcing data within the rules of GDPR* and data privacy. We can even process returned mail. Our experience, contacts and access to bulk discounts means we can help you get the very best prices for postage. That includes working closely with Royal Mail and downstream access providers, so you can be sure you get the best deal for your postage too.

Talk to us about direct mail – and save money!

Mailing Expert provides everything you need for powerful and cost-effective direct mail campaigns. We can personalise your mailings, and we’ll guide you through the best approach to reaching your target audience with direct mail. We can print stock for you at remarkably low prices. We’re set up to handle small, bespoke mail shots to a handful of customers, as well as managing nationwide campaigns and high volume bulk mail to over 100,000 people or a whole lot more!

Companies ranging from small businesses to charities and startups to household names take advantage of our comprehensive direct mail services. For each and every one of our customers we provide the same level of cost-effective direct mail and bulk mail expertise.

We can handle simple mailings and fiendishly tricky ones too. Our experience shows that a single letter can be exceptionally powerful. We’re just as at home with complex mailing projects featuring letters, brochures, coupons and more in each pack, with lots of data variations. We offer international direct mail services. We can produce mail packs with different brochures and offers for different customers. We fold your marketing material to your requirements, address and then enclose your items into envelopes, packages or recyclable polywrap. In short, Mailing Expert is your one-stop solution for anything related to direct mail marketing.

We are used to working with clients who have creative ideas for their direct mail campaign.

  • Do you want a proper stamp on every piece of physical mail?
  • Looking for hand-addressed or printed envelopes?
  • Want to use odd-sized letters and envelopes – or even boxes?

Set us the challenge and we’ll deliver the solution.

From variable text drop-ins to digitised signatures and special inserts, we can design and produce mailing items that achieve results. Whatever you need from your direct mail campaign, Mailing Expert can help.

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