dm-stat-1If you are looking for a way of opening a dialogue directly with your target audience, direct mail could be the solution that you are looking for.  There is nothing quite as personal or pleasurable than receiving a letter and that’s why correctly targeted and delivered direct mailing campaigns can be a real sales winner.  Remember an email buys you less than 40 seconds face time with your customer, a letter gets 8 minutes!  There are so many different ways that you can use direct mail services from a postcard or a letter, charity mail, a special offer or a free gift.

Whatever you want to achieve Mailing Expert can help you.  With over 25 year’s experience our industry experts can help you devise the best campaign for your marketing spend.  We can help you with price, packaging, materials, printing sourcing of data and processing returns.  Our experience, contacts and access to bulk purchasing discount arrangements means we can really cut the mustard when it comes to price.  We have experience with both Royal Mail and downstream access providers so you can also be sure that Mailing Expert will be able to get the best deal for your postage too.

Why Direct Mail?

Mailing Expert provides a full service for all of your direct mail needs.  We can either print on stationery you provide or we can source stock for you.  We can personalise your mailing using either ink jet or laser printing.  We are able to handle small bespoke mail shots ranging from 10s to 100,000s.  We have a wide range of clients from charity direct mail to large businesses!

From a single letter to a multipack match and dispatch; we fold the enclosures to your requirements, address and then enclose your items into envelopes, packages or poly bags.

We are used to working with clients who have creative direct mail marketing ideas – don’t want to use mailing franks prefer stamps instead – we can help!  Looking for hand addressed envelopes – mailing Expert has the answer.  From variable text drop-ins to digitised signatures, special inserts, odd sized letters or boxes we can design and produce mailing items that are as flexible as you need them to be.  Whatever you need from your direct mail campaign Mailing Expert can help.

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