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Bulk mail marketing is an effective and cost-effective strategy for exposing your brand to a large number of people. Bulk mail involves sending a large number of letters, leaflets and flyers to each address on your mailing list. The use of bulk mailing services is a highly efficient method of getting your promotional materials into the hands of your target audience, not least because of the reduced bulk postage rates we offer. What’s more, with Mailing Expert’s mass mailing service, you can also benefit from our a comprehensive end-to-end service.

Surveys and statistics have proven time and again that mass mail marketing campaigns reach a larger audience and maintain attention far longer than email marketing. A well thought-out direct mail marketing campaign can deliver a better response rate than many other marketing methods.

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How can I send bulk mail?

Mailing Expert makes it easy to send bulk mail across the UK – and internationally.

Our comprehensive bulk mail delivery service can include everything from printing marketing materials and data cleansing, to packaging and delivery.

Not only is our comprehensive bulk mail delivery service highly cost-effective, handing over your bulk mailing to us means your time is freed up to focus on your most important priority – running your business!

What is the minimum volume for bulk mail?

To qualify as bulk mail, the volume should be over 500 items. If you are currently sending high volumes of marketing materials using in-house franking or normal stamps, you could save a significant amount by using Mailing Expert’s bulk direct mail service.

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How long does it take for bulk mail to be delivered?

With Mailing Expert, you can choose from 1st, 2nd or Economy postage for your bulk mail delivery. Your mail will be with your customer on the next day, 2nd within 2-3 days, and Economy within 5 working days.

Bulk mail marketing statistic

How much does bulk mail cost?

Our bulk mail rates start at just 30p per item. By comparison, a first class stamp costs 95p and 2nd class 68p. And when you let us handle the entire project, you can save even more.

Can I send bulk mail internationally?

Yes. Mailing Expert is able to arrange bulk mail delivery overseas at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Why choose Mailing Expert for bulk mailing?

At Mailing Expert, we have years of experience delivering powerful and effective direct marketing campaigns. As well as our high-volume bulk mail service, we also offer a range of inclusive marketing and printing services for all your direct mail requirements.

When you choose us, along with the significant cost and time savings you’ll make from handing over your bulk mailing campaign to us, you’ll also be guaranteed the very best service from a dedicated Account Director.

If you’re planning a bulk mailing campaign, or just fancy a chat about how our bulk mailing service can help you reach as many customers as possible and bring in those all-important leads, give us a call. We’re always happy to hear from you and talk about your mass mailing needs!

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