When it comes to capturing the attention of your audience, custom postcard mailing is one of the most effective methods of direct mail marketing. Everybody likes getting mail in the post, and a professionally designed postcard is a great way to hold your audience’s attention. Whatever your message, our postcard mailing service will help your business get the attention it deserves. After all, studies show that direct mail gets 12 times the amount of attention of an email, and response rates are up to 30 times higher than any digital marketing channel.

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Postcard mailing statisticPostcards also have the added benefit of not needing an envelope. They arrive on your prospect’s doorstep ready to be viewed and read. A particularly attractive postcard may even be pinned up at home for a while. Either way, postcard marketing is a sure fire way to get eyes on your brand.

Can I send a postcard online?

With Mailing Expert, it couldn’t be simpler to send high-quality direct mail postcards. Just send us your design (we can even design it for you, if you prefer) and we will print your postcards and mail them directly to your mailing list. Our postcard printing and mailing service will cost you less than if you were to mail them yourself, and our experience of postcard mailer design will ensure you get the best results every time.

What size postcard can be mailed with a postage stamp?

The maximum size for any post being sent with a normal postage stamp is 24cm in length and 16.5cm in width, and a maximum of 5mm thick. It should be under 100g in weight. If your post is larger than this, you will need a large postage stamp. This is for mail up to 750g in weight, a maximum of 35.3cm in length and 25cm in width, with a thickness of no more than 2.5cm.

How much does it cost to mail a postcard?

To send a postcard, it is the same price as sending a letter. This cost depends on whether you are sending first or second class, within the UK or abroad.

When you choose bulk custom postcard mailing with Mailing Expert, you can benefit from substantial postage discounts that make it easier and cheaper to run your direct mail campaign.

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At Mailing Expert, we design and mail custom postcards for a wide variety of clients from a range of industries and for different purposes. Whether you are promoting your business or advertising a sale, promotion or event, our postcard mailing services will help you get your message across.

Unlike some online postcard mailing companies that offer personalised postcards, we can even help if each postcard you send needs to have a different message. We go out of our way to ensure every single postcard mailing campaign we send on your behalf reaches its recipient just as you intended.

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