Personalised envelopes – that’s envelopes which show individual addresses – are an essential part of anything you send through the post. Mailings start with the address, but then you need to look at the options for envelopes.

It’s so important to use the right envelope. A cheap, nasty, low-grade paper envelope is already halfway to the bin before the pack is even opened! Envelopes have a major impact on the way customers think about your business.

And there are no limits to the options you have for printed envelopes. The know-how we provide at Mailing Expert can ensure you have exactly the envelopes and personalised you need, whether they are for your regular stationery, personalised stationery or-high impact mail shots.

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What are the different envelope sizes that are available?

The first thing to decide is what size you require. Standard envelope sizes are: DL, C5 and C4.

A Guide to Different Sizes of Envelopes


DL envelopes are a natural choice for letters and correspondence. They look more like personal mail and can stand a better chance of being opened. For more promotional mail, we can tuck in a folded leaflet with a compliment slip and/or a business card.

C5 envelopes are very popular because they are very practical. They fit easily through letterboxes. An A4 letter or leaflet (see our “Leaflet Printing” page) simply folded in half will fit the envelope. Postage costs are also as low as they go at this size (as they are for DL). Everyone uses a C5 outer so it’s more of a challenge to make them stand out.

C4 envelopes are usually as big as you’re likely to want to go. However, we have sent out C3 customised envelopes and metre-long tubes too! On the plus side C4 can really get your mail noticed, and if you have a smart A4 brochure to mail, they are just the job. But be aware that postage costs do go up by around 50% – Royal Mail classifies C4 envelopes as ‘Large Letters’. And as you’d expect larger envelopes cost more than smaller ones.

Find out everything you need to know about envelope sizes.

Window envelope or non-window?

Envelope address printing is a key consideration. Window envelopes feature a see-through panel for the address, so there’s no need to print or write the address on the envelope itself. That keeps things simple! With a stock of window envelopes you can print off letters, and fold and enclose them in the office. For larger mailings, we’ll do the same on our print, folding and enclosing machines.

For non-window envelopes, how about a handwritten font so you do not have to handwrite all of those addresses? However, if you do have great handwriting and the patience, you can also write out each address – there’s no substitute for this if you want a convincingly personal look to your mail. (Oh we can do that too!).

Or, we can label the envelopes with an address label either manually or with a labelling machine, or print the address directly onto the envelope. When it comes to custom printed envelopes, the available options are virtually limitless.

The alternative to paper envelopes is polywrap. It’s usually a lower cost solution. The address on a letter or leaflet is legible through the polywrap so your mailing will get safely delivered, and the cover of your leaflet will be visible too, saying “Hey, look it’s me, I’ve arrived!”.

Naked mailings

No, this isn’t as naughty as it sounds! Essentially, you omit the envelope and polywrap. As long as your leaflet or letter is clearly addressed, your mail will get delivered and you won’t need to pay for envelopes, polywrapping or enclosing – so there’s less cost and less waste.

Printed envelopes

At Mailing Expert we can print logos, marketing messages and images on your envelopes to make them stand-out compared to plain envelopes, and increase the number of customers who open them. We also offer a huge array of coloured envelopes to give your mailshots a distinctive look.

Envelope design

We can also help with the design of printed envelopes that will help get your business or organisation noticed. Your logo will probably take pride of place together with strong typography and messages about special offers or other marketing headlines. Whether your message is funky, formal, funny or smart, it’s all part of getting envelopes absolutely right.


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