When the festive season rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about how to thank your customers for their loyalty over the past year. Choosing the most appropriate business gift to show your appreciation can be difficult, but luckily Mailing Expert has some tried and tested personalised Christmas gift ideas that will bring a smile to your clients’ faces…

The key to sending client personalised Christmas gifts that your customers will appreciate is to put the personal touch first and foremost. In truth, we all know that there’s an element of promotion to branded Christmas gifts, but the important thing is not to make it too obvious. Remember, Christmas is a time for giving!

At Mailing Expert, we can work with you to create corporate gifts that are beautiful, personal and – most importantly – actually appreciated!

Corporate Christmas Cards

The corporate Christmas card is an absolute staple of the festive season. But how many times have you received a company Christmas card that didn’t quite jingle your bell?

Now think about the impression you want your personalised cards to make. Imagine your client liked it so much, they kept your card up on their wall until January. Now that’s something to aim for.

Mailing Expert can work with you to find the perfect design for your Christmas cards. Whether you choose an image from our bank of stock pictures, or design your own and send it to us, we’ll help you with Christmas card printing that leaves a lasting impression.

We can even include personalised messages and digital signatures from your team members. After all, who has the time to write every personalised Christmas card by hand? We can save your hand from cramping and maintain that all-important personal touch with a handwritten typeface inside each and every one!

Personalised Calendar Printing

A personalised calendar is a popular corporate gift idea for the festive season. It’s not exactly an original idea, but if you do it right, it’s a gift that will be on your customers’ office wall all year round.

As with any personalised Christmas gift, it’s important not to make it too obviously branded or promotional. Relegate your brand logo and contact details to the corner, and focus on choosing twelve eye-catching, attractive images that your customers will want to have on display. Again, Mailing Expert can work with you to choose the right images and presentation to make your company calendar a desirable, appreciated and unique Christmas gift.

Choose from desk or wall calendars, and even yearly planners, all beautifully designed and delivered direct from Mailing Expert.

Personalised Gift Boxes

Mailing Expert goes much further to ensure your customers get the corporate Christmas gift they deserve. Just send us over the items you wish to send, and we will present them in a beautiful, personalised gift box, all professionally wrapped in your Christmas wrapping paper and attractively presented. We will then send them directly on to your customers, including your personalised company Christmas card. Easy as Christmas evening once all the family have gone home!

Why Choose Mailing Expert?

Rather than relying on impersonal and difficult-to-use online printing service companies, Mailing Expert understands the importance of delivering the very best to each and every one of our clients… and that means delivering the best to yours!

We have extensive experience in providing personalised products and direct mail for customers across all industries and for a range of purposes. From the smallest budget to the biggest, each of our customers benefits from a service that goes over and above to bring you joy, not just at Christmas, but all year round.

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Contact our team to make sure you don’t miss the last Christmas postage dates.

Ho ho ho… give us a go!

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