Direct Mail Response Management

We approach direct mail marketing through our expertise in marketing data, marketing analytics and helping businesses exert their data to drive profitable revenue. Irrespective of the method used to contact your customers, every direct marketing campaign will produce responses that must be captured and followed up or fulfilled. Mailing Expert understands better than anyone the importance in capturing data. A successful, well targetted, marketing campaign should expect to receive purchase orders between 4% and 6% of the contacted data. For every 1000 contacted indivduals you could recieve up to 60 orders. A structure that is implemented to handle your client responses and update your data from one service provider provides that pivatol reassurance. From the post or telephone to the web and email we can incorporate the incoming request and turn it around to an item delivered to your customers conventially.

Mailing Campaign Fulfilment Services

A successful mailing campaign can produce a significant increase in customer contact. The success of the campaign depends on the resources available. We have the expertise and facilities to provide highly effective campaign fulfilment services. We understand the nature of meeting your required timelines and ensuring that items arrive in the designated place at the correct time. By outsourcing with us will allow you to focus your time more efficiently on other aspects of your business.