Direct Mail Response Management

Our approach to direct mail marketing is driven by our expertise in marketing data, marketing analytics and our desire to help businesses use their data to drive revenue.

Irrespective of the method used to contact your customers, every direct marketing campaign will elicit responses that must be captured and followed up or fulfilled, and our direct mail response management service is designed to do just that.

Mailing Expert understands better than anyone the importance of capturing data. A successful, highly targeted marketing campaign should convert approximately 4 – 6% of communications into purchase orders, which means that for every 1000 contacted individuals you could receive up to 60 orders. For large direct mail campaigns, that could mean a lot of orders.

In order to manage your direct mail responses effectively, the direct marketing experts at Mailing Expert will implement a response management strategy to handle your client responses and update your marketing data automatically. Whether your marketing messages are sent via post or telephone, web or email, we can incorporate the incoming request into a fully managed direct mail response strategy and convert it into a physical item that’s delivered to your customers.

Mailing Campaign Fulfilment Services

A successful mailing campaign can produce a significant increase in customer contact, which can in turn increase the burden on customer support departments. The success of any large marketing campaign depends on the resources available, and we have the expertise and facilities to provide highly effective campaign fulfilment services.

We understand the importance of meeting your required timelines and ensuring that items arrive in the right place at the right time. By outsourcing your direct mail campaign fulfilment to Mailing Expert, you’ll be able to spend your time on managing other aspects of your business.