Secure the integrity of your Marketing Campaign

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign is largely dependent upon the quality and accuracy of available customer data. With people moving house, emigrating, changing names, getting married, becoming divorced or unfortunately passing away, keeping data up-to-date requires the essential process of data screening.

Mailing Expert uses data screening to refine and hone your data to get it in the best possible shape for your direct marketing campaign.

Our Data Cleansing Services

We offer a number of different products including:

  • Piles of direct mail lettersData health-check
  • Data capture
  • Data profiling / assessment
  • Mailing list preparation / cleansing
  • De-duplication
  • Suppression
  • Preference Service Opt Outs (MPS, FPS, TPS)
  • Bereavement
  • Gone-away
  • Enhancement including PAF Verification
  • Mailsort

We would typically recommend that direct mail clients screen their data against the Post Office Address File verification (PAF), deduplicate the file and then screen against the gone-aways and bereavement files prior to screening against the Mailing Preference Files, in order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The Benefits of Data Cleansing for Direct Mail

Cleansing and deduplicating your data prior to a mailing campaign can help to maximise the savings available on postage as well as reducing the impact of negative publicity that can arise with incorrectly sent post.

For more information about data services, call Mailing Expert on 01825 983 033.