International Direct Mail: The Time-Tested Way To Reach Overseas Audiences

International direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach overseas audiences. You may also be surprised to learn that it’s just as effective at engaging a younger audience as it is older generations. In fact, 92% of millennials say that they are influenced by direct mail for their purchasing decisions. Whilst an email buys you less than 40 seconds of attention (if it’s even opened), a direct mail marketing communication gets a full 8 minutes on average, including all the time it sits around after being opened. That’s priceless time with eyes on your brand that’s hard to achieve any other way. Need more convincing? Read on!

At Mailing Expert, we have over 35 years’ experience of using international mailing strategies to maximise the ROI for our clients, who range from sole traders right up to household names around the globe. We know everything there is to know about delivering international direct mail marketing campaigns that yield real results, and we’re fully flexible to tailoring campaigns to fit your vision.

92% of millennials influenced by direct mailWhat is a direct mail campaign?

A direct mail campaign refers to any marketing campaign that sends its wares by post. It is the most well-established and time-tested strategy for savvy business owners and marketers who want their message to reach the maximum amount of people.

Is international direct mail expensive?

When sending international direct mail in bulk, you will make substantial savings in the cost of international postage by using Mailing Expert. We have close working relationships with Royal Mail and other postage providers, can access large discounts on stamps and on bulk orders. We will also handle the processing of any returned mail, any personalisation you require and work with you to find the most suitable and affordable option for your needs.

When you consider how much more active reach you get from international direct mail, with the extensive services we offer, it becomes the most cost-effective method of reaching an overseas client base.

Email versus international direct mail marketingIs direct mailing effective?

Direct mail marketing is, and always will be, superior to email marketing. A controversial statement, perhaps, but one with merit. How, we hear you ask, can such a traditional marketing medium outpace modern technology? The answer is simple: open rates. Even email marketing industry dominators, Mailchimp, admit that the average open rate (across all industries) for email is just 22%. Direct mail, on the other hand, is opened at a rate that far surpasses that. 98% of people check their postal mail every day, while only 3% of the 22% of people that even open an email will click on any of the links within.

What’s more, whatever you do with email marketing, it’s always going to be just that: email marketing. With direct mail, you have countless options on how to engage your recipients. From simple letters or postcards to catalogues or personalised communications, you can get as creative as you like with overseas direct marketing. Even a letter or postcard will stick around for longer, whilst an email – once opened – is forgotten forever. Whether it’s left on the side in the kitchen or passed from person to person, direct mail stays in the recipient’s life (and mind) for longer.

International mail may be a more costly option than simply sending an email, but the return on investment is likely to be far higher, especially once you start exploring the huge range of ideas at your disposal.

How do you create an international direct mail campaign?

The first thing you need for an overseas direct mail campaign is a mailing list. At Mailing Expert, we are able to source relevant, high quality data to hit your key demographics, all in line with GDPR and data privacy legislation. Once you know who you’re shipping to, it’s time to come up with a marketing strategy designed to grab their attention and be curious about your company.

Do you want to send them a brochure or catalogue to do this, give them a special offer on your products/services, or lure them in with a free gift? Or do you simply want to drop them a card to let them know you’re the brand for them? Whatever your business, and whatever you wish to achieve, there is a direct mail strategy that will hit the mark.

If you would like to brainstorm some ideas, get in touch with the team at Mailing Expert. We’ve handled countless international direct mail campaigns, meaning we have all the valuable insight you need to help craft highly effective campaigns that deliver results.

What is priority direct mail?

Priority direct mail refers to that which is sent through a postal/shipping company that promises faster delivery to the recipient. Depending on the destination, it means that your direct mail marketing materials will arrive within about 7-12 days.

Reaping the benefits of international direct mail marketing is easy when you work with our outstanding team of direct mail specialists at Mailing Expert. With all the high quality materials, strategies and tools you need to make a success of your direct response marketing campaign, we can guarantee a great response.

Get in touch with our friendly team now and get started with an international mail campaign that’s ideally suited for your needs and audience.

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