Implementing confidence in your marketing data

To make strategic marketing decisions, access to high-quality marketing data is essential. If the data collected for a new target demographic is out-of-date, marketing campaigns that are driven by that data are far more likely to fail.

Data profiling is essential to understanding the quality of your data. Mailing Expert delivers a full data profiling service which accurately assesses the demographic profile of your existing clients. In turn, this provides you with the confidence to allocate marketing where it would be most effective, communicate the right message to the right people at the right time, and eradicate data issues before they become data complications.

We provide data profiling insights that give you a complete picture of your data in order to help with your direct mailing marketing campaigns.

Bringing data to life

The more you know about your customers and prospects, and the more you understand your data, the more effective your mail and marketing campaigns will be.

At Mailing Expert, we take the demographic profile of your data sets and apply it to our sophisticated data purchase search engines. The search engines provide high-quality data prospect lists for you to implement in your mailing and marketing campaigns. This data profiling process ensures maximum data quality and provides you with discovery capabilities that will help to minimise your testing cycles.

More informed decisions lead to marketing performance improvements

At Mailing Expert, our data management and profiling process allows you to make more informed marketing decisions, resulting in improved marketing performance. We deliver business confidence through our data profiling services, which provides actionable data to help tailor your mail and marketing campaigns.

In addition to data profiling, we also offer data purchasing, data capture and data cleansing services.

For more information about our various data processing and business intelligence services, call Mailing Expert on 01825 983 033.