Mailing Expert – Our Checking Service

At Mailing Expert we check everything – not only content we have created on your behalf, but also material you have sent to us ready prepared, to use on the marketing collateral, business cards, or whatever you’ve asked us to produce.

Avoid embarrassing bloopers

We want your marketing to be completely error-free, with no unfortunate mistakes which will give a poor impression of your company and could turn off potential customers.

We proofread your text, of course, but we also check telephone numbers, web links, email addresses and QR codes to make sure they’re working properly and linking to the correct place.

QR blunders can happen

Imagine the humiliation if you made the same mistake as Heinz – yes, even a huge multinational can do it. Heinz had a QR code on a ketchup bottle which took customers to a special offer. So far, so good.


Once the promotion had expired, they neglected to renew the registration of the domain name, which was then snapped up by an entrepreneurial porn company. Unsuspecting ketchup customers who scanned in the QR code got a lot more sauce than they bargained for!

Use of QR codes in marketing

QR (short for Quick Response) codes were developed in Japan and have become increasingly popular as a way of grabbing attention and optimising advertising for target audiences.

They’re free to generate and are rather like barcodes except they can store more data, including downloadable material. Customers can scan them, using a smartphone, and will be connected to websites and social media, or be able to download contact information, money-off coupons, product details and the like – whatever you, as a company, choose to link to with the QR code.

Mailing Expert Top Tips for QR Codes

  1. Since QR code are found on smartphones, make sure whatever you link to is optimised for mobile devices
  2. It takes time for someone to scan in a QR code and reach the content – so make sure it is something of value to your target audience
  3. Use domain names that you own so that you always have control over the content to which your customers are directed (unlike Heinz!)
  4. QR codes are perfect for business cards, brochures, product packaging etc. but don’t generate much traffic online, on billboards or vehicles

Finally, if you forget to make the necessary checks, don’t worry – because here at Mailing Expert, we make it our business to remember.

No faces as red as tomato ketchup for Mailing Expert clients!