Direct Mail at Christmas – Tis Nearly the Season to be Jolly

Oh yes it is, like it or not! There’s a temptation to think that everyone will be too busy to bother with direct mail in the hectic run-up to Christmas, but who can resist opening a cheerful envelope containing a greetings card? It’s a golden opportunity for any company to nurture or develop personal connections with loyal customers, prospective clients, business associates, companies in the supply chain and local networks. In this article, we’ll explain why sending company Christmas cards is a direct marketing strategy that’s definitely worth putting on your Christmas list.

Saying thanks

Do you know what people appreciate more than anything? Knowing that they’re appreciated. So, here’s your opportunity to make people feel special. Sending a greetings card is a friendly way to thank customers for choosing your company over your competitors, or associates for helping to make your business a success by providing great products or services. When it’s time to buy new products or renew contracts, you’ll be top of mind.

Making personal connections

Customers buy from people, not companies, which is why personalised direct mail campaigns are so successful. The more personal you can make your card, the better. While it’s not always possible to sign every card by hand, we can reproduce your signatures and employ script that looks as though it’s hand-written. Even though, of course, people can tell the difference, it still has more impact than something printed in Times New Roman. It will let recipients know that you’re more than a faceless name on the end of a telephone — and someone who thinks of others, outside the realm of business and making sales.

Reminding people that you’re there

It’s not easy to keep in touch with every client or potential client. A bespoke card is the perfect way to say hello to someone you’ve not contacted in a while, and it won’t come across as salesy or pushy, because you’ve linked it to an occasion where it’s the done thing to exchange greetings. However, it does create dialogue, which could lead to something else in the future — a bonus for a kindly gesture of goodwill.

Sending more than just a card

If you’re sending a greetings card, you could include other material to make the season special for your customers.  How about a Christmas-related discount, reward or special offer? How about an invitation to an event you’re hosting? You could promote post-Christmas sales with a voucher, or you could enclose a little gift. Everyone likes a little stocking filler at Christmas!

Here’s how Mailing Expert can help

We have a range of greeting card designs which we can add your logo to on the front and/or back, with your choice of message inside. And we can even print signatures for you and your colleagues, so you don’t get writer’s cramp!

Or maybe you have your own design or photo in mind to make your cards more personal? No problem! We can do this for you at no additional cost.

If you’re seriously short of time and need help getting your Christmas cards posted, you need our seasonal printing services. At Mailing Expert, we can name and address the envelopes, enclose the cards and post them for you in plenty of time for Christmas*

Give us a call on 01825 983 033 or send an email to to request a brochure or to discuss your 2017 Christmas card mailing campaign with us.

Mailing Expert

*Subject to artwork being received and/or signed off by you in good time. Cost for the personalisation and posting service is taken from the price of a first-class stamp + VAT.