One Mail Moment In Time – Enhancing the Mail Moment

Don’t you just love getting mail through the post? That early morning ritual of bringing in those letters and leaflets, sorting through them and discovering the exciting news or special offers each one contains…

In the world of marketing, which has a name for everything, this is called the Mail Moment.

We’re not called Mailing Expert for nothing! We take pride in being one of the leading direct marketing agencies in Sussex and today we’re here to tell you how to make the most of that Mail Moment by integrating direct marketing into your next campaign so it’s an effective means of promoting your product or services – and cost-effective too. We’ll help you get your messages noticed and your deals considered.

UK Direct Mail Magic!

That’s what we offer at Mailing Expert. If you want your mailshot to be read, not chucked straight into the bin, it has to shine out from the rest. First of all, of course, it has to look good. We can help here with our professional design and printing services, whether it’s a leaflet, flyer or letter to enclose with a brochure or product catalogue. And talking of accompanying letter…

Top tips for red hot DM letters

Know your market. Make it personal, make a connection – a letter from a real person to a real person, not just some salesperson-generated spiel which smacks of manipulation. Use second-person pronouns – you, your, yours. Have a clear message – and put that message right at the top of the letter, with a zippy headline or a snappy question. “Do you think you’re paying too much for…?” “Are you worried about…?”

Unique Selling Proposition

Then you can move seamlessly into how it is your company can help with this. “What’s in it for me?” is the thought that will be going through your reader’s mind, whether that fact is acknowledged or not. Adding incentives such as money-off coupons, free gifts or special deals will further tempt an interested party – remember to include a closing date.

Call to Action

It’s all very well telling your potential customers about something exciting – but this is useless information, as far as boosting your sales goes, unless you add how it is they can get it! Give them options – phone, freephone, email, pre-paid reply envelope, website access.
So here’s OUR call to action! If you’re looking for the best direct mail marketing company around, to help you with every aspect of producing fabulous mailshots, contact us NOW!
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