Saving the Planet with Eco-friendly Mailing Expert

A paperless society – will it ever happen? With increasing use of email and text, with documents sent electronically with the advisory, “Please consider the environment before printing”, you may be forgiven for thinking that print will be extinct as dinosaurs in a few years’ time. Here at Mailing Expert we disagree.

Ha! As a company which specialises in printing, we would say that wouldn’t we? Here’s the thing: printed materials do have their place in our lives and always will do. Obviously, we’re not anti-printing, but we ARE against wasting resources.

Interesting facts about paper consumption

(We think they’re interesting, anyway!)

  • Despite the global push for sustainability, by 2012 consumption of paper had increased by nearly 50% since 1980.
  • In the UK, it is estimated we consume the equivalent of 4.48 40-foot high trees per person per year.
  • Belgium has the worst record of all (8.51 trees per person per year) but can be slightly excused as a nation, since they have the EU headquarters in Brussels – think of all those huge documents required in countless languages.

Print responsibly at home

Many, many people print off emails and electronic documents at home. This may actually be less environmentally-friendly than a company sending out responsibly-produced paper material in the first place.

How many times have you printed something off and realised you have an almost completely blank “page 2 of 2”? That’s a waste! Do you use eco-friendly ink and recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources? Something to think about…

Are electronic devices always the most eco-friendly option?

If you don’t print stuff out and feel very virtuous reading from your PC or tablet, then consider this too: such devices need power, so in using them, we deplete the earth’s natural resources. Disposing of them when we upgrade to the latest model creates a huge e-waste problem since most end up in landfill sites.

Direct mailing can make environmental sense…

If you:

  • use FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or recycled paper
  • choose eco-friendly inks, for example, vegetable-based ones which don’t use harmful chemicals
  • minimise waste and, if some is generated, dispose of it in an environmentally-responsible way

Practising what we preach

At Mailing Expert we have a strong conscience when it comes to environmental matters and we make sure that anyone whose products or services we use has robust policies in place too.

  • Carbon Offsetting – we use FSC® recycled and FSC®  mixed recycled stock from renewable sources for our print and envelopes. We also use bio/photodegradable plastic for our poly-wrapping and poly bags.
  • Re-using – wherever possible we re-use boxes, envelopes and other items. Our digital ink cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer to be refilled.
  • Recycling – all our excess stock, boxes, pallets and staff items such as bottles and yogurt cartons are recycled.
  • Promoting responsible practices – on all our envelopes and carrier sheets we include a logo to remind recipients to recycle. The logo can be tailored to our clients’ needs – but most like the polar bear idea!

Recycle Save a Polar Bear

Use our services and you’ll be sure you’re dealing with a company who cares about their clients AND the future of the planet.

Mailing Expert